Given our unique technical qualifications in forensics and data science , our firm limits its practice to subjects related to the collection, use and management of electronic and digital evidence. Attorney-client privilege may provide extra protections in confidential and sensitive matters. Engagements where we can be indispensable include:


 We assist clients with legal and evidentiary standards where collection and analysis of electronic evidence is necessary. This advice is relevant  in virtually any type of investigation. 

Electronic Discovery

We can assist clients with issues that are related to collection and review of electronic records especially when data-science tools are needed. We can assist with the preparation of pleadings and motions, act as an advocate at hearings (e.g. meet-and-confer) or as a liaison in a requisite capacity. (Our firm provides no review-management services.)

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

These transactions are often most in need of "getting all the facts that can be found" to include the kitchen sink. Many data-science tools may need to be leveraged in order to provide all parties with the data they need to arrive at very important decisions. Proper application of these tools around relevant topics is critical. 

Drafting or Review of Contracts / Agreements with Data-Science Professionals or Providers

When clients use data-science professionals or providers, "big data" is typically involved and serious legal and compliance issues can arise. Often, clients will attempt to mitigate risks with data scientists or providers by way of a contract or agreement; use of an expertly educated and trained attorney in the area of data science can be critical. We are uniquely qualified to assist clients in drafting and reviewing these agreements to ensure that best practices are spelled out, disclaimers and limitation of liability provisions are appropriate and other related clauses that we draft are with the client's best interests in mind. 

Information Governance

This topic is a mile wide and a mile deep but electronic data and records are always central. We can help find the optimal approach to ensure legal and regulatory compliance goals are effectuated in an appropriate and cost-effective manner. Data science often plays a pivotal role in this area. 

*Note that expert investigative and data-science professionals can greatly enhance needs in the aforementioned areas. Mr. Starrett maintains an investigative and consulting firm that may be vital to this end. Please see Starrett Consulting, Inc.'s site for more information:   

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